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sit down and shut up

A really nice lady named Danielle Hutton recently told me to put my damn website back on the internet and she was right.

I took it down for awhile because the central thesis of why I dance had become less and less clear. I was letting other people, forces, trends, and factors affect the clarity and volume of why I do this thing.

I recognize my reasons have changed dramatically over the course of the last decade plus, but it's been a minute since I really let myself wonder and go inward.

All of which is to say I'm back and here's some things I've been thinking.

Dancing is hard. It's unforgiving physically and emotionally. And anyone who says something as fucking stupid as "it's just a natural thing for a body to do" hasn't got any goddamn idea what they're talking about.

Dancing is violence done against a body. Imposing elegance, timing, composure, structure, where none of those things exist otherwise.

The pursuit of dance is continuous, extended,…

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