High hopes for belly dance

I am a total softie (a softie who doesn't have television so I only just saw this today) so I cried when I saw this. I want to see belly dancers dance with this kind of raw emotion. I want to be able to do it too. New goal-- don't just emote 10% so I can say I did. Emote 100% so you can see I did and so we can all feel I did. I've mentioned a million times emotion in performance is something I'm working on-- this is a huge inspiration for me. I'm kind of learning to look outside the belly dance world for help with that because other than select few performances  and one teacher whose performances always make me cry, it just usually isn't there. 

Have you seen belly dance performances with a depth of emotion that took your breath away like this did for me? Show me :)


  1. It's strange that you should post this since, earlier, I was remembering this routine from the first episode of season 4:


    It was my favourite routine of the season and even though I hadn't seen it in a year, just thinking about it today gave me goosebumps.

  2. Asharah hosted Mira Betz in a weekend of workshops last fall. We were in the show that night but managed to slip out to the audience during intermission so we could watch her dance. Wow! At one point I totally burst into tears, and I found out later I was not the only one! Her dancing was so simple yet so heartfelt and true, it was amazing.

  3. That's funny, Mira is one of the very select few I was thinking of when I wrote that :) I was pretty openly crying when I saw her perform in April. She's an incredible lady.

  4. Just watch a bunch of the SYTYCD and you will see many dances that made me cry. I posted some of my faves in my blog a couple months back with the appropriate title "Dancing that make me cry"!! :)


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