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I just wanted to post with some news!

First, the lovely and eloquent Shay of Adventures of The Tribal Dancer wrote an entry recently where she mentioned some of the thoughts I had in this entry. Her entry that refers to mine is here. I've been following Shay's blog for awhile now, so needless to say, it was highly flattering that she talked about mine. I'd recommend reading anything she posts about dance, it's always fantastic food for thought.

In other news, the girls at Belly Dancing Diva also happened upon my humble blog recently and they liked what they saw, so they've hired me to write for their online magazine! It's extremely flattering because I never considered myself much of a writer until recently, and they've got such a great site going. I'll let you guys know when my posts start going live over there! I'll also be listed in their instructor database! Exciting!

Illusion opened registration this week and wow is all I have to say about that. If Sunday was any indication, Illusion Studio will be a resounding success as an art space and as a belly dance studio. Newfoundland, and in particular St. John's, really needed this kind of open, innovative art space, and I'm super proud to be one of four fantastic driving forces behind it. 

So I think that's all the news! But it's all good news.


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