Post-Pewter and the Future

I haven't disappeared, I promise! I'm working on a piece for Belly Dancing Diva, working at the new studio that opened last week (oh my god it's going so well!) and emotionally and physically processing the things that I did/that happened at Pewter earlier this month. The best workshop experience of my life, easily, but I honestly can't really talk about it. Not only because the things that were said and danced are obviously very private to me and to the others who were there, but because it wouldn't make any sense because you weren't there.

What I can say is that it was incredible, I learned a lot, not just about technique (which I got tons of new pointers about) but about myself, my dance, my direction, my influences and some of the people who will be my contemporaries as I continue to learn and dance.

I've been in an intensely creative state of mind since I came home, and pushing myself harder than ever at my drilling. I think this is a transitional period in my dance, and I'm looking forward to the end result almost as much as I'm enjoying the ride.

It occurs to me that this October I'll be 23-- almost a third of the way through my twenties. My boyfriend Jay frequently accuses me of using anything as an excuse for a milestone, but all the same, I think it warrants reflection! Although I took belly dance classes in high school, I started to become more serious about it very soon after my twentieth birthday, so it's not just a third of my twenties, but a third of my first decade of belly dance! Lots of pressure! All kinds of questions like "am I accomplishing enough, fast enough?" or "will I improve/develop/connect with other dancers geometrically or am I about to plateau?" I think I'd find an excuse to wonder about these things even without the tenuous excuse, now that I think about it.

I guess no one would ever accuse me of being too chill.


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