Dance-iversary: Part 2

So, if you haven't read part of one of my dance-iversary entry, here it is. I talked about when I decided to go all the way and what's happened since then, looking back. Looking forward, here's looking at next August 18th. This seems like a really good time to establish some goals. So, without further ado, my goals for year two of Heather Sara trying to make it as a professional belly dancer. For our mutual benefit, these are divided into categories.

Technical Goals:

  • Reach a testing level of quality with the Level 1 Suhaila stuff I'm working on now (I don't know if I have interest in actually testing, however I'm not in a hurry to decide-- I have time!) I am working on this now, but I obviously have (in my opinion) quite a ways to go, although the half time stuff is really starting to sink in properly, and I think I can do just about anything at quarter time.
  • Start poking around at the Suhaila Level 2 material. Full time movement makes me want to puke.
  • Do some hardcore study of American Tribal Style. It's not a style that I feel I would be likely to teach or perform, but I feel like I steal a lot of my arms and posture from ATS and it did birth tribal fusion which is definitely a close, close cousin (arguably sibling, even) of what I do. So I feel like I need to know that well.
  • Study at least one traditional style of belly dance-- right now I am considering beginning some lessons with a teacher in an Algerian style. She was my first teacher, but that was eight years ago now, so I could probably use a refresher ;)
  • Try to take a workshop with at least one new instructor (I have two or three lined up with instructors who I know a little better).
  • Make sure not to wait too long before making arrangements to go study with Audra again. She's helped my dance more than any one other person.
  • Continue to study one of modern or ballet at any given time (Ballet is being offered at Illusion this fall, so that's awesome). They have had a salutary influence on my dance over the past year in particular as I've tried to find my voice, and I think further cross-training will be beneficial.
  • Learn to sew better. Learn to use my sewing machine.

Business Goals:
  • Improve my ability to sell me and my talents, abilities to students, businesses and events. I am beginning to realize that the ability to sell yourself doesn't magically appear one day when you wake up and are legitimate, it's cultivated as much as anything else, and sometimes I've noticed it has no correlation to ability or training at all! So, that.
  • Market my studio locally and create a better following of both dedicated and casual dancers. I want Illusion to be a place where students feel fulfilled regardless whether they want to dance professionally or never step foot on a stage.
  • Finish the design of my web site and work with Jay to get it programmed and online. Sub-goal, buy my domain name.

Artistic Goals:
  • Put together at least one small showcase of really serious dancers (of perhaps a variety of disciplines) who take their dance seriously and want an opportunity to perform serious or meaningful pieces that they just don't find venues for locally. I've talked about this to a couple of people now, and it seems to bother a number of them. I estimate it will probably be a for dancers/by dancers kind of event in the sense that I don't know how much general public interest there will be. In this case, I'm ok with that.
  • Keep looking for my voice. I don't know if a person ever finds their voice, but as long as I have one to use most of the time, I think I can make do. Find new artistic challenges instead of getting in a technically obsessed rut. There are way more than enough dancers who love technique over emotion.
  • I have one really hard, really painful emotional issue I want to tackle in dance over the next year. I don't have to perform it, and I don't have to finish it this year but I want to start trying.
  • Start serious work on the "body" of dance work that I want to start creating. I have a number of perspectives on time and memory that I want to put together and start dancing.

Performance Goals:
  • When I feel ready, take advantage of another opportunity to perform outside Newfoundland (again with the getting outside my echo chamber thing)
  • Perform "You are the Blood" at some point (probably related to point one, because I don't feel particularly able to put it out in a regular show here). Or, if that stops inspiring me to the same degree, some other piece with a similar degree of importance and emotional value to me.
Ok I know I have a whole year, but that's a lot of goals, so I'm going to leave it at that.

Tell me! Regardless whether you dance or do something else (I'm aware of an increasing number of non-dancers who read)-- do you have special goals you're working towards right now? Short, mid and long term goals? A day when you re-evaluate (like me)? Tell me how your goals work.


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