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I'm going to write a longer update about producing a show by myself for the first time later in the week, but for now I have a bunch of unrelated goodness to show you. I thought my head would explode a minimum of nine times last week, but I got through and apparently I fit the classic definition of insanity because I'm about to repeat the same act over again and I expect different results!

First, there aren't very many belly dancers in this half of Canada. There are even fewer who are super obsessed. And there are almost none crazy enough to try to make belly dance their careers. Monique Ryan is one of them, and as such she has been an incredibly dear friend to me since I met her just over a year ago. She dances solo and with the duo Cabaret Serpentine in Halifax, while her dance partner operates out of Toronto. I routinely send Monique the longest facebook messages in the history of the world to complain, ask for advice, gush over something or other. Recently, I've been really busy and so has she, so we were talking for the first time in awhile, and when I was freaking about how cool something she had done was, I realized I just had to post about it here.

Monique's performance level belly dance class learned an altered version of the Thriller choreography that was tweaked to use belly dance vocabulary. That's pretty cool. They started learning it long before MJ's sad death earlier this summer. Interesting timing. Although this is a hafla video, the group went on to perform it at a ZOMBIE WALK in Halifax shortly afterwards! That is the coolest thing ever! The video of the zombie walk performance is on facebook and the crowd reaction looks awesome. I love the crazy things that Monique comes up with and her execution is always flawless.

Monique Ryan and her performance class and their take on Thriller!

The second thing was a hilarious graphic design article I saw thanks to the Colorburned twitter account. I am passionate about design, still learning, but really interested in the nitty gritty of how to put things together to make just about everything clean, attractive and efficient. I also live with a developer, who is not a designer but who is passionate about the subject (don't get him started on bad fonts!) So I read tons of articles. I've been lucky enough to be able to design a lot of arts related stuff in the past year or so, for my group, for other groups and for myself. It seems like most people consider themselves to be inherently good at design (and some people probably are). It seems that people consider design and marketing to be "obvious", but that's totally not true!

So Ghislain Roy went ahead and wrote a how-to guide to driving a graphic designer crazy. Apparently it's a few years old and a classic, but since I'm very new to the land of putting things together to make them pretty and informative I thought I'd share. It's all about the silly requests and suggestions people get from clients when designing. I laughed so hard in a sad because it's true kind of way when I read it. You should read it! In my experience he's right about a few things in particular. Non-designers hate negative space, love Windows fonts and seem to pump their raw images straight out of an image compression artifactory. I'm not even very good yet, but I'm realizing that design of any kind has got to be the most frustrating possible career in existence.

More up later this week on producing shows!


  1. Producing shows! YAY I look forward to reading about that.


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