Maybe I've been reading too much lately, but...

I started wondering what you would call it if you choreographed something other than people moving their bodies.

It's hard to think of non-obscure scenarios where it's even possible. What about if you choreographed a piece for remote control cars, or choreographed traveling mice by leaving treats in a set pattern?

To be choreography, does it have to be deliberately executed by people? Can it be pre-set inanimate objects, or people who don't know they've been choreographed? If that's not choreography, then what would it be?

And then what if the choreography exists but it's not being executed at all? Is that a thing?

Usually I write my weirdest thoughts (i.e. this stuff) in my paper dance journal, but I couldn't resist posting.

I am declaring April dance reading month, and I'm going to read only books relating to dance and choreography. I am starting to have a lot of questions.

ETA: I missed this the first time around, but specifically today I had been reading William Forsythe's Choreographic Objects, which has been floating around among dance friends on Facebook. He talks about some ideas like this, and also some drastically different other stuff. But I got to thinking.



  1. Depends how you want to define choreography I guess is where to start.

    I read somewhere recently (I'll try to find where) that the word choreograph came from the notion of a circle...

    As it is defined now, it's certainly for bodies... or so it's defined anyway... for now :)

    What makes something 'bellydance' is another interesting and spiraling topic...

  2. Isn't choreographing technology just called computer programming?

  3. Audra: I like the idea of that word coming from the idea of a circle for a lot of reasons. Since I have declared this dance reading month, if you do remember, let me know :D

    Vanessa: I would generally agree, however when I mentioned this to Jay, who is a developer and also pretty into dancing, he looked utterly baffled. I will keep pressing and let you know what I discover ;)

  4. NEws on the choreographed technology?


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