Popping and cracking

I don't know if your joints pop and crack when you dance, but mine have always done it. In particular my hips crack/pop quite audibly in a way that's quite disturbing during rehearsals and classes. It doesn't hurt but it doesn't feel entirely "right" to have your hips making noises all the time. Edit for clarity: by "feel right" I mean mentally, there is no physical sensation at all-- should have been quite clear about that :)

I was doing some reading about joint popping and cracking in dancers and discovered that overuse of the Tensor Fasciae Latae may lead to popping of the hip joint. Interesting coincidence because although I've always had popping hips, they've definitely gotten worse over the past year or so and I often feel that I overuse the front of my hip on glute work (the article is focusing on its impact in retire).

I'm going to redouble my lame efforts to relax while doing glute work because the popping is a bit much, and if it is in fact related, I would certainly like to sort that out.

Finally, I'm trying not to make too many goals for myself for the summer because I'd really like to take some time to recharge before diving headlong into what promises to be a crazy year (in fact I think my summer goals need to be severely cropped) buuuuut I think I'd like to spend some time reintroducing myself to being flexible.

And more tabata!


  1. Do you do any yoga now? It's fantastic for flexibility, balance and strength, but I'm sure you alreay knew that.

  2. I've had an hip popping problem for the last 8 years. I finally took myself to the doctor to rule out bone problems and then went to physio to get it looked at. Turns out I didn't have anything that people said I did or what I though I did, such as what you said above, psoas problem, etc.

    What I did end up having is a very weak and tight right groin muscle. HA! I spent all that time trying to fix myself what I didn't actually have. I spent 6 weeks of intense physio and that fixed the problem for me.

    I recommend you see your doctor first and then a professional to figure out what the problem actually is. I found out (because I ask a lot of questions) that there are many different things that can cause the same hip popping sound/sensation and they are all treated in different ways.

  3. Melissa: I like the idea of yoga and when I've had a consistent practice that's been good, but I think I've had more practical results from 3S stretching techniques (http://www.springerlink.com/content/l611538165320051/). I find yoga has a bigger impact on my mind than anything else, though if I practiced more often, I bet it would work really well for me.

    Diana: If I ever have any pain or discomfort, you better believe I'll be at the doctor! It's an occasional sound without any sensation at all :) If it was a hinge joint, like my knee, I might go anyway (though that my be related to a weird fear of knee injuries!) But it's good to hear what other people have gone through with their own joints.. and encouragement to get it checked out for sure if it ever does cause trouble!

  4. my knees tend to do that sound a lot, they were through a bad injury so I presumed it should be normal, the curious thing is that they are much more "noisier" when I take glucozamin pills that help me from time to time to function more normally. :))

    try stretching more, I ve heard from some ballerinas that they stretch until their body pops in a certain way everywhere because that ensures them that all the joints are positioned properly and that they won t injure themselves.


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