I can't even talk about what I'm going through this week at the Toronto Fringe Festival yet. It will be awhile before I can. What I can say is that I'm having about four hundred epiphanies a day. I've seen work I love and work I don't care for at all and it's all teaching me so goddamn much. I've performed five shows, seen ten and am not slowing down yet.

I'm down in it right now and more sure than ever that I made a good choice getting my ass to Toronto when I did. Every night when I get backstage I just want to explode because I love what I'm doing so much and it's so surreal to be here, doing it.

It feels like it isn't a coincidence that this week one year ago I was here for an intensive, and now I'm here as part of a company I wouldn't have dreamed of joining, dancing in such an amazing show. I am lucky.

People here have received our show warmly, positively and with tons of encouragement and praise. Our Mooney review blew my mind.

I love this week and for now that's all I can say.

Two performances left-- Friday night at 11pm and Saturday afternoon at 2:15pm! George Ignatieff Theatre!


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  2. Hi Katherine, I had a look at your blog-- very interesting.

    I work for the travel industry as well, in education. I see you mentioned that you have your TICO license-- when you say you are Certified, do you mean you have completed your Certified Travel Counsellor, or is it some other Certification?


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