Things I've scrawled in my dance journal during personal practice, after rehearsals or classes or workshops or on the subway since the holidays.

  • conflict to the point that you feel physically rooted, stuck in your body
  • pelvic locks: issues releasing the low back muscles in conjunction with the low ab contraction
  • transition from small to large and soft to loud movements; small, loud movements challenging
  • what makes my dancing mine: sharp, finger led arm paths; fast turns, pirouettes; eye isolations (can anyone even see that..?); contrasting hand and foot positions (fists/flexed feet versus extended feet/soft hands); forward leaning posture; incorporation of the head in full-body movements
  • ben hogan says "every day you don't practice, you're one day further away from being good" and I should frame that and stick it on my wall
  • is my dancing about the essence of life or the details of living? is that what I want it to be about?
  • how does the subjective nature of memory impact ephemeral art forms?
  • keep drilling weird hips on the down + chest circle with rotating downbeat thing
I've been keeping busy.

Vegas for Tribal Massive in t-14 days.


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