on the edge

I'm a bucket of feelings today.

Excited, nervous, happy, empowered, overwhelmed, inspired. Preparing for Affogato's been a long road and I can't believe our very last regular rehearsal is tonight. Our premiere is tomorrow night. I am leaving for Montreal on Tuesday. It's all happening so fast!

We performed some excerpts at Kensington Market's Pedestrian Sunday this weekend, to a very warm response.Paul Devisser, an absolutely awesome photographer, took this pic while we were waiting to go on. My boyfriend insists I look like King Leonidas in it:

Which I find oddly flattering. I definitely feel ready to go out and kick some ass. Which more or less sums up how I've felt about a number of things for awhile now.

I'm also incredibly excited that my sister will be in the audience on opening night in Montreal. She's not only a major inspiration for me, but she's the reason I am doing all of this in so many ways, not only because she's the one who signed me up for belly dance classes when I was 15 and again when I was 20 but for a lot of reasons. She and my mom have been my de facto therapist, career counsellor, manager and marketing consultant by turns for years now. I'm so grateful she'll be there.

So here's to Lavish's second full length show and my first tour!

Alright, let's do this!


  1. You'll do great!!! You're a fantastic dancer.

  2. you do look like him!!! :D
    love ~white tiger~

  3. Best. Comment. Ever.

    See you in Montreal, White Tiger (rarr!)


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