fall 2012 has been explosively rad

You know how when you're hungry and there's a bunch of delicious food in front of you, you tend to go totally overboard and just eat, eat, eat? And then afterwards you feel way too full and have to lie down for a bit?

The past few months of dance have felt kind of like that. But in the best way possible. 

The real honest truth is that this year has been amazing and terrifying. In my life, in my dance, in my brain, I'm full of inspiration and uncertainty. And excitement. One of the reasons I am so in this dance is that it scares me so much and I find myself kind of seeking out the next opportunity to be thrilled and thrown off guard. I didn't realize that about myself until pretty recently. Sometimes I feel like I'm having some kind of extended or delayed adolescence.

What happened in September? The Dark Harvest Gala show was phenomenal. Watching each of the teachers dance was just beautiful, because they're all huge inspirations to me in addition to being stunning performers. I had the enormous honour of dancing in an improvised piece designed by Heather Stants, with Audra, Heather, Sam, and Mira. And I got to perform a solo that I had put a lot of thought and heart into, as well as a duet with Audra that has a lot of powerful and happy meaning for me, and a fun new Lavish piece.

Dark Harvest classes were amazing. I'm still processing a lot of the awesome stuff presented to me, and trying out some new things with my movement. I've been super lucky to study pretty regularly with Heather and Mira in the past few years, and it made me SO HAPPY to study with and see Sam again, because she's amazing. I hope we cross paths again soon.

Then I went to Cultivation! It was such an awesome week. My classes for both Initiation and Cultivation have been just completely full of these amazing, inspiring women. And now I'm a Cultivate! Squee. Whenever anybody asks me how Cultivation went, I remember this conversation with my high school history teacher:

Me: So what were the long term effects of the French Revolution? Mr. Barrington: We just don't know yet, it's too soon to tell.

I don't know if that makes as much sense on the page as it does in my head, but that's kind of how I feel about Cultivation and a lot of what's been happening with my dancing lately. It's too soon to tell what the impact is going to be.

And I miss Portland. A lot. Also I bought these earrings there, and I love them.

I've got a bunch of performances lined up for the rest of 2012, and a kickass workshop that I'm super excited to teach. We're going to spend a few hours dancing the heck out of some combinations drawing on different dance styles that I like to incorporate into my work!

I'm starting to try to lay out what 2013 is going to look like for me and it's both scary and awesome. Stay tuned for some crazy exciting news and announcements coming soon!


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