I done got reviewed

Whenever I'm in a show that gets reviewed, this is how I read it:

I wonder what it would be like to be someone who is all "oh I never read reviews" but I so absolutely do not have that kind of self-restraint. Good or bad, I'm deeply curious about what people think. I get nervous, but I so want to know!

So I knew that dancing in Erotic Tales from the Old Testament in the Toronto Fringe Festival this year would mean reviewers coming out for sure. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which is super exciting. And on Saturday, one of the show's producers sent me Dorianne Emmerton's wonderful review from Mooney on Theatre (Mooney on Theatre also gave a really fantastic review of Lavish's STEP in 2010). Normally I just hide compliments in a folder somewhere and take them out and look now and then, but today I'm gonna share!

"The final act was Salome  and, as good as the whole show was, they did save one of the best for last. She did a hybrid modern dance/belly dance and every movement was timed to the music perfectly. It was sharp, then sinuous; it was seductive, then threatening. It was fantastic."


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