the lavish project 2015

Hi friends.

I have neglected this blog for a long time, but I have a post to make that's just too long for Facebook. I also feel like I want to record my feelings someplace more permanent than a status update (yeah, I know it's just as temporary on one website as another). But I've (kind of) tried to make a habit of noting some of the things that really mark milestones for me as a dancer here for a long time now, so let's continue that.

Also note that I've tried to write this literally every day for a week and failed each time. So here's hoping I can actually put my thoughts into words this time.

We performed The Lavish Project 2015 on June 27, and more than a week later I'm still completely verklempt. When we first started to chisel away at a rough idea of what this year would look like, Audra and I were full of ideas about what we wanted to do and what we thought it would be like. I was excited-- I'd never had the opportunity to co-direct anything like this, and I'd never taught or co-taught such a long intensive before.

First and foremost, any creative undertaking comes down to trust for me. Whether I'm a student, a performer, a partner, a teacher, a director... it doesn't matter. Trust is what it takes for me to get invested and I know that's true for others too. The dancers we invited to work willingly gave so much trust in our ideas and our process from the moment we reached out that I knew we were headed somewhere special from day one. And it went both ways-- we had asked a group of super-talented, hardworking, and accomplished ladies to join us at the studio for a week and they brought it. I've just never seen anything like it.

And I've never felt anything like it either. Every moment was super charged with possibility and dedication to the work. The studio is always filled with a sense of purpose and creativity, but last week it was alive in a way I've never seen it before.

In my very first dance journal I wrote that I was afraid to tell anybody how much I wanted from this dance and the things I had a mind to do with it someday, because they'd think I was delusional or too ambitious for my own good. Along the way I've realized that the dreams I'm most afraid to tell anyone about are the ones I have to chase down and hang onto like they owe me money. And now I'm lucky enough to find myself on the exact path I quietly dreamed about and barely hoped my dance life could take. And I'm so damn grateful.

Andrea, Angela, Erica, Karen, Kristine, Sahra, Sarah, Stacie, Susan, the Vanessas, and Victoria-- I am so proud to have gotten to work and dance with you all. Thank you so much. I admire and absolutely adore each and every one of you. You all have a piece of my heart.

Audra, I've got no more words except thank you. Partners in crime <3

I'm gonna go make some dances now...

All photos by PDV Photography


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