Fall 2018 Schedule 
Bombproof Belly Dancer

September 22, October 27, December 1
$40 (Full Series $100)

Bombproof Belly Dancer is a series of two-hour Saturday open-level classes focusing on technique and relevant conditioning, with time for implementing concepts into freestyle movement and combinations.

Classes will be fast paced, but open to all levels. This is dance class at its most fundamental. We are in the room to demonstrate and exercise discipline, to work, sweat, to get stronger and better. To show ourselves both tough love and gentle support.

Class size will be limited to ensure I can offer something personal to every dancer, every time.

Photo by Tanya Lee 2014

Special Events & Workshops

See Event Calendar for up-to-date workshop schedule.

Contact to inquire about workshop bookings, current workshop offerings, and classes.

Workshops with Heather range from technical instruction and butt-kicking, to unique choreography, to expression and performance skills. Each workshop is developed around a theme or core concept tailored to the experience level and interests of the students, and is developed through drills, movement exercises and combinations. Classes cover a range of content with the aim of giving every student a learning experience that resonates with their own personal dance journey and goals.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons
Contact to inquire about private or semi-private lessons.

"Over the last few years I've gotten the opportunity to see Heather Labonté transform from a very talented belly dance student into a world class performer and choreographer."
- Heather Stants, Urban Tribal Dance Company, (San Diego, CA, USA)

"I have nothing but glorious praise for Heather! She is a dedicated student, wonderful dancer and strong performer. Her passion for dance, her innate ability of expression seeps out of her when she takes the stage. She has the spark that enlightens a room I hope the world discovers her so they can feel her shine! I am better for knowing this lovely lady."
- Mira Betz (Oakland, CA, USA)
"Heather Labonte is one of the gems of Tribal Fusion bellydance. She is not only a flawless performer but also a delight to work with. It was a great pleasure for me to host her as a teacher at my festival Infusion Emporium. Students loved her detailed and informative workshops, and her hard work and dedication shine through not only in her teaching and in her dancing but also in her personality."
- Alexis Southall, Founder and Organizer of Infusion Emporium (Wolverhampton, UK)

"You gave me so many things to work on through your teaching - many things to incorporate into my practice (...) You made an impact, and inspired me to really delve into my dance in a new way."

- Danielle S (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

"Really awesome, lots to think about, and I don't think I will see my shoulders in quite the same way again..." 

Charlotte (London, UK)

"Heather's dance vocabulary is second to none and the way she describes how to do a move, along with the feeling it should evoke is amazing. Loved her."
Jamilee (Calgary, AB)

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