Heather Labonté's twenty-two year dance adventure spans belly dance, jazz, ballet, and contemporary, among others. Known for her compelling emotional command of audiences, extensive technical knowledge, and fondness for rule-breaking, Heather loves to make, teach, and perform dances that push the boundaries of what her dance form is and can be.

She teaches in Toronto, where she also performs regularly as a soloist, with special appearances across North America and Europe, including Tribal Momentum (Montreal, QC), The Massive Spectacular (Las Vegas, US), Tribal Revolution (Chicago, US), and Infusion Emporium (Wolverhampton, UK), among others. 

In eight years as a member of Lavish Dance Company, she co-choreographed more than a dozen pieces with company director Audra Simmons, including three full length shows (Fragment/Repair, harmony/discord, and The Lavish Project 2015) as well as developing The Lavish Project 2014 with Heather Stants and Samantha Emanuel

An avid collaborator, Heather has contributed to and performed regularly as a cast member of Mira Betz's Mirapiece Theatre (Clickbait, Waters of Change, Massive Spectacular 2013) and as a member of Rin Ajna's Myriad performance group. She has also performed with Inga Petermann, Kimberly Larkspur, Seraka Dance Company, Maddie Bolek, and Alexis Southall, among others. 

Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland in History and Political Science. In her spare time (i.e. Monday to Friday, 9-5) she is a PR girl. She is also an internationally touring Shibari teacher and performer, and continues her studies in belly dance, jazz, and martial arts. 

Her next project, et alia dance, is forthcoming.

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